Lausanne’s adoration for this bustling Sous-gare café is unequivocal. Tell someone that you are planning to dine there and the response is a resounding I love that place!
What really sets this place apart is the spirit of neighborly welcome and the creative force behind it. Dining here feels a bit like being invited to a particularly quirky and creative friend’s place for a meal, and in that sense, the café functions as an extension of our living rooms.

A Grancy, La vie au café
La Soupe au Chapeau
A Grancy, La vie au café
Pâques : Easter Brunch!
A Grancy, La vie au café
Bonnes fêtes!
A Grancy, Fournisseurs, Non classé
On aime les bières artisanales!
A Grancy
Le Hachis Parmentier